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  • hrI have known Shelley for almost four years.  She was the first therapist
    that saw my son, Max, when he was around four months old.  At six-weeks old,
    he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that encompasses many oral
    motor issues, swallowing, sucking, etc.  He now sees multiple therapists for
    a variety of things (PT, OT, etc.), but Shelley has been working with him
    the longest!  I am really impressed with the advancements that Max has made
    as a direct result of his work with Shelley.  He is now not only sucking
    well, but also eats a variety of pureed foods and is beginning to make many
    different verbalizations.  We’re hoping that any minute he¹ll be speaking in
    full sentences!!

    Shelley is firm with him when warranted (he has a bit of a stubborn streak),
    but always makes the sessions fun for Max and informative for me.  She
    patiently teaches me techniques that I can incorporate into Max’s life at
    home.  In addition, she is always interested and willing to attend meetings
    with me and Max and his other therapists so that she can collaborate with
    other professionals on his team to deepen the impact that they can all make
    on Max¹s development.  Shelley is incredibly gifted at working with kids and
    has a wealth of knowledge regarding speech and oral motor issues.  She has
    positively impacted Max’s quality of life in so many ways!  We are so
    grateful for her contribution to Max’s team and continue to see improvements
    every time Max has a session with her.  She’s a gem!!                Becky Owens


    Shelley came highly recommended by our pediatrician. I was immediately struck by her warmth, intelligence and common sense approach to our son’s speech issues. Shelley has a fun and playful personality that works with kids. Kids seem to like and trust her.

    Shelley identified the speech issues, provided tools and enabled my son to recognize his “speech bumps”. He responded quickly to her approaches and soon was empowered enough to catch and minimize his own “speech bumps”.

    Shelley guided us through fun tools in her office, and at our home. Her fun and creative approaches worked quickly and effectively.

    Now that we no longer need to see Shelley we really miss her.

    Caron Kushner


    We came to Shelley on the recommendation of a friend who’s daughter was a client of hers. Our friend was always raving about her and telling us how much her daughter loved her “Shelley appointments”. The speech therapist we were seeing at the time was adequate, although we felt no real connection with her, so we decided to give Shelley a try.
    WOW, what a difference!  From my first phone conversation with Shelley, I knew we had found someone special.  Shelley patiently answered my many questions and with encouraging words calmed all my fears.
    Shelley truly has a gift for relating to children.  She is the perfect combination of firm and fun, with an encouraging nature that made my son want to work hard at the things he normally found so frustrating. He excitedly looked forward to their weekly sessions. Under her direction, my son blossomed into an articulate, self-assured little boy.

    I can not say enough wonderful things about Shelley, nor can I recommend her more highly. We feel so fortunate for our experience with her.

    — Lisa Pope

    When my twins were three years old, we met Shelley, who came highly recommended by my pediatrician. As parents of two very active and stubborn boys who were having difficulties with their speech, we knew we needed help, and we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Shelley turned out to be the answer to all our prayers. She instantly understood our concerns, saw the frustration my boys were having, and created a care plan that brought my boys (and us) on the road to better speech and overall communication. Shelley not only possesses a vast wealth of knowledge, she brings an amazing amount of empathy, experience, intuition, fun, and firmness that creates an environment that highly promotes success and most of all – a healthy well-being for the child and the family involved. We love that Shelley not only works with her clients during their sessions but involves the family through daily homework and exercises. She taught us (through example) how to help them. This was vital to my boys’ success.

    My boys are now twelve years old; my oldest finished speech this past year. For us, Shelley was never just our speech pathologist. Through the years, she gave my kids the gift of speech, the ability (and the confidence) to communicate with their peers, and she gave us the tools to assist them along this journey. We will always be grateful to her, and we highly recommend her. As a closing note, our son was asked to write a school essay last year with the topic The Person who Knows Me the Best, and he chose Shelley.

     Sarah and Brian Murray